Tansy Blue Skin Soothing Salve – Make it Yourself

Tansy Blue Skin Soothing Salve - Make it Yourself

You may remember my blog in August 2019 when I wrote about blue essential oils. In that post, I mentioned a Blue Tansy salve. If you were one of those who asked me for the recipe, here it is, finally, so that you can make it yourself.

If you don’t already know, Tansy Blue essential oil is not only a wonderful color and beautiful smelling oil, it is also a super soothing oil. You will find more details on the Blue Tansy Essential Oil product page.

You can download a pdf version from here and share your experience of making it and using it.

I will be making up my personal recipe Blue Tansy Soothing Salve over the next few weeks together which another general healing salve. Both will contain herbals extracts. I am considering making up some 15ml samples for clients, I would like to know if you as a customer or potential customer would like to try a 15ml. If yes do let me know.

With regard to salves, I love making them up for different issues. I feel every family, with young children should have some, for the scrapes, scratches, and bruises that children attract. Because of this, I’d like to share a couple more things about salves with you over the next few weeks. Firstly, a more comprehensive basic salve recipe, containing extracts and secondly ways to adjust your salve according to your needs, so that you can literally create a salve for any well-being issue.

Do come back to learn more about salves, or drop me a line with any questions you would like answered.

Tansy Blue Skin Soothing Salve - Make it Yourself
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