Better Breathing for Boosting Immunity

Better Breathing for Boosting Immunity

As we do all we can to try to get back to normal life as possible following the Covid-19 lock-down, I am mindful that the threat of Covid-19 has not gone away. This prompted me to consider what if anything can we do better in terms of strengthening our lungs and our lung capacity. My answer was Better Breathing as it would build our bodies defence in the area that the virus attacks.

7-Day Breathing Challenge

Now, I would understand if you asked, how can something so basic boost our immunity and contribute to reducing the severity of the virus symptoms. In the last paragraph, I go into more specific benefits, but rather than try to convince you, I challenge you to carry out the breathing exercise I’ve included below for 7 days and you will have found the answer yourself.

Now the technique is called Diaphragm Breathing. The instructions are provided in one of the images attached to this post and you should find them relatively easy to follow. If you prefer a visual demonstration, I have also attached a link to a short video.

Are you wondering why I am telling you about breathing and what it has to do with essential oils, then it’s a good time to remind you that I consider myself a “holistic” aromatherapist? I really do believe that essentials oils compliments and enhances other well-being practices hence the name complementary, and in terms of good health, a good breathing technique should never be overlooked.

Considering we take roughly 25,000 breaths daily, you would think that most of us would be good at breathing, right? No so. Most people take shallow breaths, not fully using their lung capacity. A good breathing action is important to many functions as it releases the oxygen into the bloodstream. There are loads of benefits to breathing well and breathing deeply. The consequences of not breathing well include increased stress and tension in our bodies, limiting oxygen to our brain which reduces our ability to focus and to think clearly, and poor sleep habits are just a few.

Everyday Breathing Exercise

Better Breathing for Boosting Immunity

Essential oils have always offered a natural approach to relieving breathing problems such as reducing coughing, removing mucus/phlegm, and encouraging deep breathing.

I have given you three recipes you can try yourself or you can get our specially formulated Breath Support blend here

Essential Oils for Better Breathing
Better Breathing for Boosting Immunity

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