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True Blue Essential Oils

True Blue Essential Oils

There’s every chance you have already heard of Blue Tansy; the clue to its color is in the name, but have you heard of the lesser-known blue essential oils of German Chamomile, Yarrow and finally Australian Cypress.

What makes these oils blue?

A natural compound called Azulene is found in certain plants. Interestingly it is the biosynthesis process of steam-distillation that crystalizes this compound that turns the compound blue. The color of Australian Cypress come from Guaiazulene which is a derivative of Azulene.

The Properties of Azulene

Azuline has a long and proven history as an effective anti-inflammatory and for a long time, the synthesis of the other compounds was not recognized as contributing to this effect. However, it is now known that combined with other compounds and oils, oils containing Azulene or Azulne derivatives can be effective in treating certain types of asthma, eczema, colitis cystitis and ulcers.

Azulene is a great oil to use for home care products in particular bug spray, but let’s not forget the source of the oil. The tree from which the oil is taken is prized for use in house building, especially flooring, because of its termite resistant properties.

Side by Side Analysis of the Oils

True Blue Essential Oils

DIY Recipe for You – Blue Skin Soother Oil

Here is a very simple but powerful skin-soothing blend. Apply it to hot or red irritated skin and just watch your skin drink it in. Use at night to help the recovery process for scars, bruises or stretch marks.

Blue Tansy – 2 drops
Helichrysum – 2 Drops
Jojoba Oil – 30ml

If you want the recipe to make the soothing salve in the picture just send us a message.

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