We are an aromatherapy practice making the same high-quality oils available to the public as well as aromatherapists and other outlets.

When I first started using essential oils, suppliers were few and far between. I started using oil from a supplier using blue bottles.  I guess it’s no accident I chose a blue bottle for the Naturra brand.

As I got to understand the varying quality of essential oils, I decided to purchase from wholesale suppliers to the aromatherapy trade. That only became a reality (and cost-effective) when three acquaintances trained as massage aromatherapist.

Later I studied as a clinical aromatherapist and the rest is history.

The commitment

Quite simply we offer you quality essential oils, used by professional aromatherapists. The same oils used by our aromatherapists group members, but at a cost-effective price.  Our offer is simple.  Our products have the same simple private labeling that we use in our practice and is sold to our clients.  Small quantities of blends are regularly made up to ensure blends are “fresh”.

We also bring you the divine aromas of premium oils such as Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, etc. Your aromatherapy experience is not complete unless you take in the aromas of these exquisite oils. By selling small quantities we make these more accessible to everyone.

Our service aim is simple

To be a trusted source of therapeutic quality standard and premium essential oils at the most cost-effective price.

Naturra is the name of our essential oils and blends product range.  The range of blends is created by our clinical aromatherapist.  Members of our aromatherapist group consist of three massage therapists and a clinical aromatherapist.  We welcome new aromatherapist who would like to take advantage of this buying approach.  The current members hold a membership with ITEC and IPFA.

We also hold and sell small quantities of carrier oils branded as NHB (Natural Health & Beauty)  supplied courtesy of NautureOils  (Aromatherapists) Ltd. With these carrier oils, you can start to create your own natural skin care products today.  Other products by members of the Aromatherapy group  Members may be branded and sold by Naturra.

Enjoy looking around our web-shop and trying out our blends.   Please do visit our Facebook Page@naturrablends and share your thoughts.