7 Ways to Energise Your Health

7 Ways to Energise Your  Health

Welcome to 2021. As we start the year with the threat of Covid-19 not just still hanging over us but actually escalating, I feel the need to pay more attention to our mental state. This is regardless of whether you live alone, with a family, or even as a carer.

During normal winter months, Four Thieves and my SAD blend are my constant companions. This year I feel the need to up the ante. This post is going to be a little longer as a combine my psychotherapy and aromatherapy skills.

Knowing you are valued

Being in lock-down without the contact of family and/or friends will mean you are distanced from those who support those feelings. Having something that reminds you of that fact each day, like the image in this post is a useful tool.

External Sunshine

Giving your eyes some external sunshine every day is an energizing act. Whilst this can be difficult in the British winter, don’t underestimate the brisk winter walk for energizing you. Below we suggest you can use that walk for even breathing.

Internal Sun: Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been medically accepted but not yet scientifically proven take Vitamin D supplements where low sunlight is low. Especially for people of color, Vitamin E is an immune booster and will help you stave off any Covid- 19 infections.

Relax the body and exercise

If you ask any professional sportsperson, they will tell you that their best performance is when they’re relaxed. If this sounds contradictory, just take a look at the jawline of a top sprinter just before they cross the finish line. Roger Federer is someone who best emphasizes this. If you already do a sport you will understand this. Essential oils are of course an easy way to fill your room with an aroma that will relax you. For single oils try the popular lavender, another I would suggest is Bergamot, but choose what works for you or buy a blend. and of course, I have both oils and blends available for sale on this site.


Breathe away your negative emotion & stress – Not as simple as it seems, but effective if you are willing to make the effort. I have in the past shared with you a post for better breathing. Why not add these breathing exercises to the most out of your bath time, your walks, when you are reading, listening to music, or “physiological sighs” which are a way of taking on more oxygen, which also energizes you.

Sleeping Soundly

Disturbed sleep is too often overlooked as an underlying cause or exacerbates other lifestyle ailments. assess when you are planning to make any lifestyle change including getting fit, losing weight, and managing stress. the truth is it also contributes to a number of skin ailments. Read our previous blog about the importance of sleep here.


Don’t forget to stay hydrated, even in winter. The less live food you consume the more water water you need. Aim for 1 1/2 litres per day.

Note: This post brings together information that is in the public domain, however, if you would like me to direct you to specific sources please let me know. I am in the process of building a content library so you will have more access to the more detailed source information if you want it.

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Energise Your Health

  1. Some great tips for good health to start 2021. We are sometimes not aware when we are tense or feeling anxious, making time for relaxation is essential especially now.

    1. Hi Pamella, that’s great awareness. Yes, it’s so easy to treat a stressful state of being as the norm. Hope your 2021 has started and is going well.

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