Joy to the World

Joy to the World

In a year that has not held much joy for many of us, we bring your our Christmas blends to bring that much needed joy into your life over the holidays. Something for every purpose, Joyful to help you complete those last minute holiday task in an relaxed but upbeat mood, Choc-o-hug for when your feel you want the feeling of the warm evening hug, Winter Wonderland for Christmas Morning, or Diffuse it, use in a an oil burner, with water or with a pure soy wax melt. You can even liven up your pot-pourri with just a few drops of winter pine.

Find these blends and more on in our Seasonal Blends section of the shop here
As always, here is a simple Christmas blend that you may want to make your self:

Christmas Candy Diffuser Blend

Wintergreen Essential Oil – 4 drops

Cinnamon Essential Oil – 2 dops

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