Introducing – Turmeric Essential Oil

Introducing - Turmeric Essential Oil

A well known cooking ingredient, Turmeric has gained popularity as a herbal supplement due to its curcumene active ingredient, and is often touted as a “cure all”. Be careful of these claims as the typical range of curcumin can be as little as 3-6%. That said turmeric combined with ginger has positive benefits for inflammation, especially on the joints.

It has a pleasant aroma that can be enjoyed as a single oil.

Turmeric should not be used over a prolonged period or in large quantities as it can lead to skin sensitivities.  Aim to keep your dilution rate of pure Turmeric to within 2% dilution.

Keep any facial formulation to a spot treatment, as for acne. Avoid use around the eyes and mouth.

A great plus for this oil is its ability to stimulate the immune system by diffusing this oil in a blend.  See my personal blend below.

The Technical Stuff

Always pay attention to which part of the plant your oil was distilled from as the active ingredient can be different. Tumerone is the main component yield from the root.  The leaf is likely to yield phellandrene as its main constituent.
Below is a sample breakdown of the main components and general

Active IngredientCategoryTherepeutic AffectsRange
A-TumeroneSesquiterpenoidNeurogenerative aid, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory40%
EucalyptolMonoterpeneExpectorant, exocrine stimulant2%
a-curcumeneSesquiterpeneDigestive, anti-viral10%
a-zingbereneSesquiterpeneAntiseptic, calmative, bacteriostic 5%


Introducing - Turmeric Essential Oil

Introducing - Turmeric Essential Oil
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