Breath Support Pure Essential Oil Blend


This is a fresh and stimulating blend, with strong ant-bacterial properties crafted to help you breathe more easily, keep your airways clear as well as minimising seasonal threats.

The stimulating action of eucalyptus leaf oil, camphor bark oil and wild peppermint oil help to relieve congestion and open the airways. Medicinal and minty characteristics which can be used effectively in steam inhalations, diffusers. Sprinkle a few drops onto a tissue to inhale to keep a clear the head.

Contents:  Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora), Wild Mint (Mentha arvensis),  Lemon (Limonene).

This blend can be used in a number of ways including steam inhalation. Simply add 2 drops to a bowl of boiling water or steamer.  Simply 1) Shut your eyes tight, position your head over the bowl and drape the towel over your head and bowl. 2) Deeply breathe in and out until the Olbas has evaporated and your lungs, bronchial tubes, nose, sinuses etc. have been given a good steam- clean






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