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Natural Preparations for Winter

Natural Preparations for Winter

Would you like to have a winter free from colds, flu and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Including essential oils in your winter strategy, will help you to do just that. At the end of this series of blogs, you will have blends you can make up to
a) bring the autumn breeze inside and
b) Boost your immune system to prevent contracting coughs, cold, flu or chills, then
b) blends to help you recover quickly, and finally
c) keeping winter skin healthy.

Our winter strategy will complement whatever else you are doing to stay healthy during winter, including a healthy eating plan, regular exercise, and managing stress levels.

Autumn colours have to be some of the brightest ever, so much so what we want to bring the feeling in generates indoors. Here is a DIY blend to help you do just that. It is reminiscent of a fresh breeze on an autumn day.

Bring the autumn indoors

Autumn Breeze – DIY Blend

Sweet Orange – 4 drops
Lime – 3 drops
Sage – 3 Drops

What ailment would you like to avoid this winter?

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