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Natural Preparations for Winter – Supporting Immunity

Natural Preparations for Winter - Supporting Immunity

Continuing with our preparations for winter. Whether it’s just you, you and a partner or a whole family.

Below I will share with you three blends that will help give you and your family added protection from colds and flu this winter.

Rotate the blends in your diffuser every few days.

The next post will bring you our Relief part of a winter strategy with more blends for you to use to help you overcome any nasties you catch, such as helping overcome with colds and coughs.

Peppermint – 4

Eucalyptus – 4  
Lemon -3
Lavender – 3
Pepperment – 3
Rosemary – 5
Eucalyptus – 4
Peppermint –  4
Cypress – 2
Lemon -2

Do give these a try and let me know what you like best.

If you don’t want to make your own, just visit our shop for or Immune Shield Essential Oil blend which contains one of my favorite oils Ravensara.

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