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Introducting Labdanum Essential Oil

Introducting Labdanum Essential Oil

Landanum is not a well known essenial oil, but I like it because of its wide range of benefit. It may not be that popular because of the aroma. Not that it is unpleasant, in fact, it is very popular with perfume professionals and enthusiasts. Labdanum s one of those oils that blends really well with other oils.

For me, the best benefit of this oils is that it relieves joint and muscle pain so it is good in massage oil for after exercise work out or to self-massage if you suffer from any joint pain.

I would really recommend making a diffuser blend for meditation or yoga.

Here is a meditation blend to start with. You can then modify as you see fit.

Frankincense – 2 Drop
Labdanum – 2 Drop
Galbanum – 2 Drops
Benzoin – 1 Drop

The blend will have a calming effect, help to relieve stress and aid your ability to focus.

Do try this oil and blend and let me know what you think of the aroma.

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