Your Day, Your Mood, Your Choice

Your Day, Your Mood, Your Choice

As difficult as it might seem, what you choose to feel on any given day regardless of the circumstances really is your choice, but sometimes we need a little help.

Where to turn for that help? To nature of course, in the form of essential oils. Changing your mood can be as simple as sniffing your favourite blend or individual aroma from a bottle.
The aroma will waft directly to your brain and help you connect with better emotional place.

For the best effects, diffuse a blend in a closed room for 10 mins and then walk into that room with purpose.

During Covid-19 lock down , for different reasons, our mental and emotional state can take a beating. Why not choose to diffuse one of these blends at the start of the day and make a statement of what “in what mood you will spend you day”.

Don’t forget that individual oils can help your mood as well as blends. Take a look at our list of individual oils below and make your choice today.

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