Be Happy not SAD this Winter

Be Happy not SAD this Winter

Are you finding yourself struggling to get up in the winter mornings, tending to oversleep, lacking in energy and/or craving carbohydrates? If you answer yes to any of these symptoms, you may well be a sufferer of SAD (SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER).

Instead of just shrugging off these feelings as “winter blues”, and living with them throughout the winter; why not choose a happier option of using essential oils combined with other treatments such as Vitamin D supplements and a SAD lamp to keep you feeling upbeat, positive and active during the winter months.

Choosing Essential Oils for SAD Symptoms

Citrus oils are the favorite oils for relieving SAD symptoms. SAD symptoms are linked to the body producing insufficient levels of serotonin and dopamine known as “feelgood” chemicals, but increasing the production of melatonin, a hormone that signals our body to sleep.

Citrus oils when vaporized are mood-enhancing. The best citrus oils are bergamot, orange, and lemon.

Combine stimulating (citrus) oils with calming oils to make a great blend for relieving SAD symptoms. Below are two recipes you can make up for yourself. Alternatively, you can always buy our SADRelief blend using this link

Be Happy not SAD this Winter

Remember, you may not be able to take your diffuser with you everywhere you go, but you can always put a few drops of your blend on a handkerchief (tissue) and take a whiff whenever you need to throughout the day.

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