Natural Preparations for Winter – Relief & Recovery

Natural Preparations for Winter - Relief & Recovery

If you’ve no time to be ill this winter, then you must make up this essential oil blend and have it ready to go to fight off any colds, coughs or nasties that plan on taking you down.

We are now the third of four blogs on how to make it through the winter without succumbing to winter ailments. Below I share with you a recipe I strongly suggest that you make-up as your winter aromatherapy blend for the first sign of a threat to your health.

This is an excellent blend that will not only help you treat coughs and colds, but is also a great decongestant. The addition of lemon means that it is also an antiviral.

At the first sight of infection, diffuse this blend. If you have never created a blend before start now with this essential blend for the winter. Please do come back and tell us how you got on making up and then using this blend.

If you want something pre-blended and more well known for those winter infections, then get our FourThieves blend. It is great for all the family.

Recipe: Family Aromatherapy Winter Relief E.O Blend

Eucalyptus – 20 drops
Tea Tree – 15 drops
Lemon – 12 drops
Thyme – 10 drops
Cinnamon – 2 drops

Materials/Instruction: 10ml dark glass bottle with dropper. Essential Oils. Combine the essential oils in the glass bottle. Insert dropper and cap. Leave to stand for a min hour before use.

Use: Add up to 5 drops to your diffuser

For more information on each oil, see the individual product profile.

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