Stress Less Roller Blend



A handy travel size  StressLess roller ball essential oil blend.

Use it as a two-pronged attack for dealing with stress.  Reaching for this when ever your stress reaches a certain level can act as a trigger for you to better deal with rising stress.  Applying this in smooth movements and slow your breath to match the movements to start your stress-reducing strategy, the relax and let the beautiful oils to do their work.

This blend contains : Jasmine, Sandalwood (Santalum), Lavender and Rosewood.

Use: Apply to pulse points. Can also be applied to wrists.


Stress Less contains

JasmineA heavy weight oil when it comes to relieving stress and depression symptoms by positively influencing the nervous system. I t can also increase your alertness, help stave off low energy and ease fatigue symptoms.
SandalwoodPromotes mental clarity, alertness and balance.
LavenderEases stress and tension
RosewoodHas the hypotensive affect of lowering your heart rate.


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