Blue Handmade Soapstone Oil/Melt Burner


Fragrance your home in style with this natural handmade soapstone oil burner.

Each item is handmade which means there are slight variations.  This makes a nice decoration to your home as well as given you a wonderful throw of the candle light during the dark hours.

Your burner comes with:

  • 4 x 8 hour burning tealights.
  •  6 large quality vanilla aroma melts.
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This burner comes  with with a set of our most popular heart melts,  Rose, Jasmine, Valilla and Summer Forest

Use and Care: 

Place one tealight in the bottom of the oil burner.

Essential oils:  fill the top with water and then add 4 drops of your  favourite aroma.
Light the tealight and allow it to evaporate the liquid in the evaporator cup.

Wax Melts:

Place the wax melt in the evaporator cup.

Light the tealight and allow it to evaporate the liquid in the evaporator cup.

Place candles and burner in an upright position on a secure heat resistant surface.

Never leave  the burner unattended
Place the burner out of the reach of children and pets


Do not use burner on or near anything that can catch fire
Keep burner away from flammable materials, sources of heat, overhanging objects and polished surfaces
Do not move a lit burner.  The burner may become hot during use, avoid touching or moving once lit. Do not move burner once wax is liquid
Do not place candles in a draught,
Extinguish the burner if it smokes, flickers or the tea light flame becomes too high.

Always snuff out the flame. Do not blow out. Extinguish the candle using a snuffer or the back of a metal spoon, taking care not to damage the wick.

Keep the wax pool clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring
If the flame contacts the side of the container never allow the candle to remain burning.

Always leave at least 5cm between burner and other items.


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