Gratitude – Essential Oil Diffuser Blend 10ml


Showing thankfulness for what you have is the first step to inviting more happiness into your life.  Use this diffuse blend power your sense of gratitude and appreciation.

This is a very uplifting aroma that is a combination of citrus and musky aroma. Diffuse daily for a minimum of 20 days, consciously identifying the things, people and events  in your life for which you are grateful.



This blend contains:

Bergamot  (Citrus bergamia) – Calming on the nervous system

Grapefruit  (Citrus Paradisi) – Revitalising, energising, reviving.

Cypress  ( Cupressus Sempervirens ) – Stimulates the feeling of happiness and ease.

Frankincense  (Boswellia Serrata) – Improves energy and purifies  breath.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) – Grounding, relaxing

Ginger (Zingiber Officinalis) – Helps to fortify emotions, increases determination, inspires action.

Add a few drop to your diffuser or oil burner.  A great blend to use on return home from work to fuel your energy for the rest of the evening, or to use each morning to fuel your activities for the day, especially when staying at home.


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