Fibromyalygia 1 – Pre-blended Pure Oil for Massage 10ml

This blend is formulated to reduce the range of the symptoms associated with fibromyalygia.

Blend Contains:  Mandarin, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Rose Centifolia

Mandarin – A citrus oil to provide positive energy

Marjoram – This is included to work as a muscle relaxant as well as providing emotional support.

Roman Chamomile –  This is a wonderful multi-purpose oil, providing stress relief and its ability to calm muscle spasms. The flavonoids are important for their anti-inflammatory effects.

Rose – Has the highest vibration of any essential oil and is balancing to spiritual and emotional energy.

All blends are made on order so please allow 4 days for delivery.

Contraindication/Cautions:  Possible photosensitivity, Avoid use during pregnancy.

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Our standard  Fibromyalgia pre-blended oil comes in grapeseed oil blended to a ratio of 2.5%. Since your blend will be made to order, you can chose to have an alternative base.  One not choose from one of specialist bases (listed here) to give your client a unique experience.

You can also buy this as a pure essential oil blend which will come with guidance for you to blend to your own ratios between 1% and 2.5%.

All blends contain information on cautions/precautions/contraindications guidance.



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