Arthritis 1 – Pre-blended Pure Oil for Massage Oil 10ml

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Blend Contains:  Eucalyptus, Ginger & Black Pepper


Our organic Jojoba oil with its myristic acid combines for a more powerful blend for arthritis, which will also leave the skin feeling silky soft and smooth to the touch.  Other good base oil choices for this blend is Sesame and Moringa Oil.

Contraindication/Cautions:  Epilepsy, High Blood Pressure

Our pre-blended oil comes in grapeseed oil blended to a ratio of 2.5%.   Your blend will be made to order.

The 10ml pure essential oil blend comes with guidance for you to blend at 1% and 2%.

Prefer something different for your client, just email us your requirements.


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1 x 10ml Pure Essential Oils Blended

100ml Pre-blended at  2.5% ratio in grapeseed oil

100ml Pre-blended at 2.5% ratio in sweet Almond oil

250ml Pre-blended at 2.5% ratio in grapeseed oil

250ml Pre-blended at 2.5% ratio in sweet almond  oil



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