Make it yourself… Hand Sanitizing Gel (Covid-19)

Make it yourself... Hand Sanitizing Gel (Covid-19)

After being asked countless times, I finally gave in and produced a hand sanitizing recipe just in case you are having trouble finding it in the stores.

It is one of the ones I have used, however, I am now making up my hand sanitizer with a gentler version of alcohol known as alcohol denat. If you too find the pure alcohol too harsh try the alcohol denat. version.

This recipe is your typical standard recipe. There are of course variants. Adapt this as you like, in terms of the essential oil you add, but remember, your hand sanitiser needs to be a minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective. I have also provided a link to the WHO site which is also helpful.

Remember hand sanitizing is to used in conjunction with hand washing and other techniques to minimize the spread of the corona-virus.

Stay well and stay safe. Like you, I am hoping we all pull together to get over this situation as soon as possible.

One final note, in case you are wondering how else essential oils can help during this time, firstly consider diffusing Four Thieves in your home everyday to help rid the air of airborne bacteria, secondly consider our Immune Support
which has been formulated to boost your immune system.

If you have oils that you rely on, why not let us know what they are and how they work for you.

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